Links to Chocolatiers who produce chocolates that match well with Dow’s Nirvana

Port pairs wonderfully with many foods, but few as perfectly and pleasurably as chocolate.
Try Dow's Nirvana with a dark chocolate with 64% cacao for the ultimate pairing.

Amedei (Italy)
Look for their range of ‘Toscano Black’ chocolate bars varying from 70% to 63% Cacao - Visit site

Chocolat Bonnat (France)
A family business first founded by Felix Bonnat in 1884, produces a range of ‘Grands Crus Historiques’ and ‘Grands Crus d’Exception’ chocolate - Visit site

The Chocolate Line (Belgium)
Founded by Dominique Persoone in 1992, try his dark chocolate from Costa Rica 64% - Visit site

Francesca Ltd (Swiss hand made chocolates)
Best matches: Francesca Java 64% 100gr, Francesca Arriba 72% and Francesca Dark Truffles - Visit site

Jean Galler (Brussels – Paris – Strasbourg – Luxembourg – Tokyo – Kuwait – Dubai)
Try his ‘Noir 70% Eclats de Cacao - Visit site

Jean-Pierre Hevin (Paris – Japan – Hong Kong – Taipei – Shanghai)
His range of ‘Exceptional chocolate bars’ including Piaroa 64% and Coro 68% will make an interesting combination with Dow’s Nirvana - Visit site

Michel Cluizel (Paris – New York)
Produces an exceptional range of ‘Single Plantation Chocolates - Visit site

Pierre Marcolini (Brussels - Antwerp – Paris – London – Tokyo - Kuwait)
Look out for his ‘Saveur du Monde’ or ‘Palets fins’ collections - Visit site

Summerbird (Denmark)
Go for the 61% Venezuela NYHED or the 71% Madagascar NYHED - Visit site

Other quality Chocolate Houses who produce dark chocolates which will match well with Dow’s Nirvana:

El Rey - Visit site
Karl Fazer - Visit site
Godiva - Visit site
Green & Blacks - Visit site
Neuhaus - Visit site
Lindt & Sprungli - Visit site
Valrhona - Visit site

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